March 31 - April 2, 2017

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
San Antonio, Texas

Learning Lounge

A Special Feature in the Cattle Raisers Expo

Take a seat in the Learning Lounge in the Expo and learn about some of the practical matters of ranching. Sessions below will be repeated on Friday and Saturday during the Expo. 

Topics Include:

Conformation Matters

What do you know about animal conformation and structure? Come learn how structural properties of a calf or cow can have an impact on your herd and the animal’s health, movement, and quality as a beef product. We will have a live animal as part of this interactive demonstration.


Why Bull Fertility Matters

Bull fertility is a key to high reproductive rates. This session will demonstrate how bull fertility tests are conducted and what to look for in a reproductively healthy bull. We’ll have microscopes as well as frozen and fresh semen available for you to see how differences in reproductive quality can have a big impact on your breeding herd.


Branding 101

Join TSCRA Special Rangers for this overview of how to properly brand and identify your cattle and horses. They will discuss and demonstrate good brand design, branding techniques, and other tips to help you permanently identify your livestock.

Brush Busters

Live demonstrations of brush fighting equipment plus individual plant treatment and timing for specific brush species make this session a must-attend. Come learn how to fight back against cedar and mesquite, leading to rangelands that are more productive.


Meat Cutting Demonstrations

Want to know where your meat comes from? Come watch meat scientists break down primal cuts into whole muscle cuts and the retail products you buy in the store.